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GOS started their gastronomic expedition in Singapore Biennale 2016. Titled "GastroGeography of Singapore"(coined by Dr Susie Lingham, Singapore Biennale Creative Director), this art exhibition investigates the indivisible relationship between food and memory of Singaporeans throughout the course of rapid urbanization. A concrete wall installation has been erected to house a collection of native botanical specimens preserved in ethanol. Featuring 100 specimens, this sensorium wall installation provides a multitude sensory experience and also facilitates dialogue that uncovers food history dated as far back as 14th century.

In Singapore Art Museum, "Art+Food Afternoon" was orchestrated to provide 80 members of public an engaging gastronomic experience, a 12 course taster experience was shared based on native flora, offering guests an exquisite taste of authentic Singapore. 

Made up of 374 pieces of concrete, this wall installation is now situated in National Museum of Singapore.

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Origin of goose- Old English gōs, also an abbreviation of “GastroGeography of Singapore”.

"Take a gander at", means to stretch one's neck to see, just like the male goose.

The logo portrays the reflection of a goose being projected onto the Rukam Masam cherry. The juxtaposition of these two elements represent the harmony of the yin and the yang; symbolising the complementary exploration of our forgotten food heritage to the edible native flora of Singapore and Southeast Asia.

This sense of curiosity is exactly what the people behind GOS envision. Be hungry. Be curious.

The Experience

GOS strives to divulge peculiar yet exquisite flavours deriving from Singapore and Southeast Asia's botanic diversity. In line with the vision, GOS named their gastronomy experience “Apero Prism”.

“Apéro” simply is a French slang word for “aperitif”, and a triangular “Prism” represents home for GOS as the inverted V shape symbolizes the roof of a house. Being a Singaporean art collective, GOS’s philosophy is to embrace lost botanical knowledge and revive it through the creation of a wide array of rainbow colored recipes inspired by native flora of Southeast Asia, especially in Singapore. In GOS, we strive to create new food memories with fellow Singaporeans and visitors from all over the world. Our philosophy likens the concept of an emitting ray through a crystal prism, refracting a light spectrum – rainbow.

GOS loves culinary experiments and this is how we create our recipes. We bring a contemporary twist to the familiar and the not so familiar flavours of our Singaporean heritage.

We extract organic pigments from plants, these pigments are used in our traditional and unconventional recipes, from cocktail to appetizer, main dish to dessert, GOS incorporates these psychological properties of colors into our creations. We aim to harness the positive effects of these colors through exploration of food, heightening our sensorium embodied experience with native flora, building a closer relationship with the nature and sense of belonging to our homeland.

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Laletha Nithiyanandan

Laletha Nithiyanandan (Lita) has a diverse portfolio as an entrepreneur, management consultant, coach, writer and budding urban farmer. Her current interest includes building awareness about local produce and creating new applications to these.

Lita founded the Behavioural Consulting Group, a management consulting firm specialising in helping organisations make lasting change using behavioural science principles. In addition to this, she also heads a trade body for the staffing industry in singapore, Association of Professional Staffing companies.

Lita started being interested in art as a creative outlet and form of expression. She used these creative pursuits to help people connect and build bridges in the business world. She feels strongly that doing good business can create a better world and sees it as her mission to add positively to any venture she is involved in.

As co-founder of GastroGeography of Singapore , Lita actively builds networks for GOS and works closely with Steve in creating experiences that inspire and build community.

Lita is a self taught entrepreneur although she acquired an education after her business started thriving. She holds an MBA from the University of Hull, U.K.

Steve Chua

Steve Chua received his formal education at LASALLE College of The Arts, completing the BA (Hons) Design Communication program jointly awarded by LASALLE and Goldsmiths University of London.

Since 2003, he has been actively exhibiting in Asia. His works have been collected by corporate organisations such as Porsche, Temasak Holdings Private Limited, Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation (OCBC) and Applied Materials (Southeast Asia), as well as statutory boards of Singapore like Health Promotion Board (HPB) and Singapore Totalisator Board.

In recent years, Steve has also started exploring curatorial work, successfully managing  “Anthem of Our Lives” and “Paris – St. Germain”, both of which were exhibited in Singapore Management University (SMU).

In 2015, Steve co-founded Mamakan Art Collective and launched “GastroGeography of Singapore” in Singapore Biennale 2016, the idea behind this interactive art installation continues Nathaniel Wallich’s Spirit of botanical and experimental research and the preservation of knowledge.



The Wild Food Lab


Want to learn how to cook what you forage?

If you are interested to learn how to forage in urban Singapore and wish to unleash your culinary creativity by turning your ‘wild’ harvest into stylish delectable dishes, then you must sign up for our very first foraging and cooking workshop at “The Wild Food Lab”. This program has been carefully crafted by Gastrogeography of Singapore (GOS) and the Centre for Nature Literacy and Enterprise (CNLE) to bring awareness to the wonderful wealth of food source at our doorstep (literally) and how with some imagination, they can be transformed into mouthwatering dishes that would make any 5-star chef proud.

In this workshop, you will join our urban farmer and nature educator, Alexius Yeo as he takes you on a morning walk around the Greenwood-Adam Park-Arcadia Estate in search of edible plants. Be bewildered by how much food there is around us if only you know where & how to look.

After filling your food basket, adjourn to Lita’s kitchen where she will blow your mind away by demonstrating how these wild plants can be turned into amazing dishes using simple cooking methods, a dose of creativity and a pinch of imagination. You’ll be amazed at the possibilities when you put these ingredients together!

Then dig into the food, share your foraging and kitchen stories and experiences, have a laugh and a fun-filled afternoon with your new-found friends. Finally, take home some food and recipes to impress your family and friends with a whole new spread this coming festive season!

Be Curious. Be Hungry.